Summer Shorts : The Flattering Fit

Summer Shorts and One Shot outfit by the pier in Limassol CyprusDare we say it we're pretty proud of these shorts for a number of reason.

First of all we've taken the technology of Muay Thai shorts and eliminated all those tacky OTT designs to bring you a funky yet elegant pair of shorts. 

We've then taken it up a notch by focussing on flattery! Now let's talk about that. What makes a pair of shorts flattering?

That would be the combination of length (showing enough leg but not too much), the rise on your waist ( however much we loved the 2000's - low rise is not it for most of us ladies ), we've made them mid / high rise with a thick wristband to define your waist and structure your hourglass the way you deserve to look. This also goes hand in hand with the fit being tight at the waist and loose at the bottom with high quality silks and two main colours / styles on each pair. Lastly, we've left no detail behind with a side panel of a higher rise cut with a panel of a different accent colour . 

Lastly, we've seen you all style them in so many ways - just proving that our theory was right. They're not just built for the ring, but we've spotted them on nights out with heels & a blazer, in the snow with moon boots and on a casual Sunday with a cropped fighter sweater and a pair of Air Jordan 3's.