The Functional Approach

Welcome to The Functional Approach.

This is not your average online PT service. This is a service which takes on clients health and well-being as a whole in order to transform you into your ideal fitness, health & physique.

Your health is indispensable. It is the single most valuable asset in your life.

Fitness, training and good nutrition were always a passion of mine and I always strive to stay up to date with all the latest developments in health optimisation.

I believe that one must never stop learning and only through constant education can one maximise the ability of one’s body and mind.  Over my career, through numerous courses, seminars and conferences, I strived to keep up with the most up to date research on health, nutrition and fitness, in order to enable myself to help my clients achieve their goals in a sustainable and holistic way.

Our wellbeing is determined by countless daily lifestyle choices and my goal is to help people achieve their best self through meticulously guiding them in every step of the way. I believe in motivating and assisting my clients accomplish their goals, whatever these may be, in a way that is sustainable and achievable for each specific individual.

There’s no magic formula and each training regime, nutritional plan and set of lifestyle recommendations is meticulously customised on the clients needs and is crafted through an initial screening procedure and frequent check-ups.

"You can't improve what you don't measure"

All your health metrics can be charted on our proprietary vitals tracker and as throughout your journey we work together to constantly adjust your diet, training regime and lifestyle along the way. No single person is the same and it is important to understand how your body reacts to these changes and ensure that you can maximise the benefit of your personalised programme.

Being a sports scientist with a long history in the industry, I've gotten certifications in: 

  • Metabolic Flexibility - Dr. Mike T Nelson 
  • Combat Krav Maga International  ( Level 2 Instructor Course)
  • Attended ISI Symposium with Dr.Eric Serrano 
  • IFBB: Fitness, Bodybuilding, Basic & Advanced
  • iNutrition Course - Manchester 
  • Charles Poliquin BioPrint 1&2: Gut, Hormones, Sleep, Nutrition & Performance
  • Irish Symposium Course
  • Nutritional Medicine Profile 
  • Neurological Profile - Christian Thibaudeau
  • Bryan Walsh Course: Glucose, Nutritional Biochem, Detoxification, Mitochondria, Blood Chemistry, Functional Medicine
  • Hypertrophy Certification - Christian Thibaudeau
  • Clean Health Certificate 
  • Muscle Nerds - Program Design