Why One Shot? There's so many cheaper alternatives... 🙄

Word on the street is that people are still caught saying, “Why buy expensive gloves when I can order cheaper ones from China”. And even though this kind of thinking is the same thinking that drives individuals out of the industry as a whole as they then begin to fear the fight due to injury - we’ve decided to bypass this vicious cycle and dive into the bigger picture. We all know you get what you pay for and so we’re going to tell you what makes One Shot Gloves so special and why the £30 Amazon gloves won’t give you the same experience as a pair of One Shot Gloves. 

Here are some features we’ve perfected through research and constant development: 


  1. Ladies can box without the fear of breaking a nail. Yup! We take our manicures very seriously. Whether you have a short soft gel polish or a full set of long acrylics. We’ve allowed space at the front of the glove so that clenching your fist is easy for all.
  2. We’ve added hard padding for multiple reasons: one being to protect your knuckles even more from you opponent and avoid joint damage or scaring of the skin and the other being to avoid breaking a nail - considering you can now box with them. 
  3. Our Velcro straps are adjustable for even the smallest wrists allowing you to support your wrist and control your movements-preventing injuries during training.
  4. Our gloves are 100% Cowhide Leather - which means that you can keep these babies looking fresh for more than triple the time those cheaper gloves would’ve lasted. 


So to go back to your statements: Why wouldn’t you invest in the highest quality gear during your training? Have you considered the risks of injury due to lack of protection in training. 

Be smart - Avoid Injuries - Enjoy your training - and look badass while doing it